Between The Pipes With Taylor Dupuis / OHL Grads

‘Between The Pipes’ with Taylor Dupuis

Taylor Dupuis while with the Sarnia Sting. Photo by Metcafle Photography

Taylor Dupuis while with the Sarnia Sting. Photo by Metcafle Photography

Hey all,

We’re in the middle of essay season here at school so the last couple of weeks have been something else. I can’t remember the last time writing something longer than a page so it’s definitely been an adjustment period but without further ado, here we go. After surviving the first time around, I’m back for round two and couldn’t be more excited to get going on this week’s topic.

The hot topic surrounding the NHL right now is the low scoring that’s going on; 2-1, 3-2 games, and no one is happy about it. It didn’t take long for everyone to suddenly come up with all sorts of solutions to this so called ‘problem’. Bigger nets, smaller goalie equipment. Is there any other ridiculous methods you guys wanna come up with? I mean, I’m not saying they’re actually ridiculous ideas but come on, not once have goalies gotten credit over these last few weeks for simply outperforming the opposing shooters and why the hell not?

When a player is coming down the ice, full speed ahead and you know he’s about to rip a point blank 90mph shot at you, we have less then one second to react to where that puck’s going to go or what his next move is going to be. I know goalies get lucky every now and then and stop a puck that they shouldn’t have but then again, it’s a two way street. There’s times where a player scores a goal that he had no business scoring or scores a goal that is 100% without a doubt our fault, that we should’ve stopped. How come when a softie goes in, the whole goalie equipment issue goes away. You think after Bernier let in that wrister from the redline, the experts said, “You see, that’s exactly why we need smaller goalie equipment, or bigger nets!” Not a single chance.

Goalie development has been on the uprise over the last four to five years, teams from every league have brought in a knowledgeable goalie coach to finally clean up the position. Goalie specific training/schools are at an all time high in numbers and it’s not a coincidence that scoring numbers are dropping. It wasn’t long ago that they reduced the width of goalie pads from 12” to 11” and yet again, we as goalies adapted. I really do think it’s time that goalies get the credit they deserve and that these so called “experts” wake up and realize that goalies are just better athletes now. With that being said, it wasn’t long ago that the Toronto Marlies and and St John’s Icecaps from the AHL played in what seemed like a football game combining for 17 goals.

All I’m saying is if you want to increase scoring, don’t take away the hard work goalies everywhere have done to become better all around, make the players better. How? I don’t care, I just care about stopping them.

Thanks for reading guys, any feedback is much appreciated!

Taylor Dupuis #29


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3 thoughts on “‘Between The Pipes’ with Taylor Dupuis

  1. Great post Taylor. It is interesting to read a former student’s thoughts on a sport that meant and still means a great deal to him. Best of luck in all your projects may it be in sports, education or life in general.


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