Friday Five

Friday Five: “Cy Young” Candidates


This is a list that would make Adam Oates weep. This week for the Friday Five we take a look at the players who, so far, have had their goal totals far exceed their assists, often jokingly referred to as the “Cy Young” winner. Just so we’re clear, this doesn’t mean you’ll see all of the league’s leading goal scorers, as many of them have put up solid passing numbers. Alex DeBrincat has nine goals, but his eight assists just won’t do. This list is for the shoot first, second, third and fourth, then ask questions later type of player.

Nikita Korostelev

11 Goals, 5 Assists

We start the list with the league’s leading goal scorer. Korostelev has been on a tear with the Sting, with three multi-goal games. More importantly, for the purpose of this list, he’s only had one multi-assist game, making him a strong early contender for the Cy Young. Hopefully his two assist game against Peterborough isn’t the start of a trend that could cost him his shot at this award, which I’m sure he’s very concerned about.

Dmitry Sokolov

8 Goals, 1 Assist

Now look at THAT stat line! Beautiful! Equally impressive is the fact that Sokolov has managed to rack up all those goals in only seven games. In fact, Sokolov was held off of the score sheet in his first two games, so all that production comes from his last five. A big piece to Sudbury’s excellent start, Sokolov’s game has featured more shooting than an 80’s action movie, and the Cy Young decision makers (It’s just me) have taken notice.

Brett Hargrave

7 Goals, 0 Assists

Sokolov’s biggest competition for the Cy Young, Hargrave has held the extra advantage of not logging a single assist yet. Working against him is the fact that Sokolov has played fewer games. Hargrave has been consistent for the Battalion in the month of October, only being held off the score sheet three times this month. He also has had a great shooting percentage, scoring on 35% of his shots in the early going.

Mackenzie Entwistle

7 Goals, 2 Assists

A top prospect for the upcoming NHL draft, pro GM’s have to be impressed that a player of Entwhistle’s age is making a mark on the Cy Young race. His seven goals have him tied for the Bulldogs’ team lead with Matt Luff, and his emergence has been a big part of the leap forward that Hamilton took this year. After receiving an “A” grade from NHL Central Scouting, he’s going to have everyone’s attention the rest of the way.

Logan DeNoble

7 Goals, 1 Assist

After a very un-Cy Young like season last year with 22 goals and 24 assists, DeNoble can be considered a bit of a dark horse candidate. A strong start to the season, with DeNoble scoring seven goals already, has vaulted him into the conversation. One thing to keep an eye on DeNoble for is this: While a lot of these players have shooting percentages that seem unsustainable, DeNoble has been scoring on a far more believable 10% of his shots, indicating that his scoring is for real.

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