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Trade Analysis: Guelph Complete Finishing Touches on Roster with Domenico Commisso

Domenic Commisso of the Oshawa Generals. Photo by Aaron Bell/OHL Images

Photo: OHL Images/Aaron Bell

On Friday, the Guelph Storm announced the acquisition of overage forward Domenico Commisso form the Oshawa Generals in exchange for a 2nd round pick in 2023, a 2nd in 2024 (WSR) and a 5th round selection in 2021 (KGN).

Commisso was drafted into the OHL in 2014 by the Oshawa Generals in the 5th round, 96th overall out of the Don Mills Flyers minor midget program. In his first year of junior, the Generals assigned Commisso to the Mississauga Chargers for the season where he posted 25 points in 43 games.

Commisso broke into the OHL with the Oshawa Generals in 2015-16 after their run to the Memorial Cup. Commisso finished third on the team with 42 points plus another five in the postseason in as many games. Over the next two season, Commisso solidified his role as a top six playmaking center, with back-to-back 60+ points seasons. In both years, he finished top three in assists for Oshawa with 44 and 39 respectively.

After playing just three games with Oshawa, Commisso will likely finish out his overage season with the Guelph Storm.

The Verdict

This is a bold trade for both teams. For Oshawa, they had to make a move at some point with four overage players on the roster. Matt Brassard, Domenico Commisso, and Eric Henderson are all established impact players, and Cole Ceci had been filling in for Kyle Keyser. Interesting move on Oshawa’s part to ride out the season with Ceci as their presumable backup to Keyser for the future. Clearly they still believe they’re able to contend and win in the east even without Commisso in the lineup.

Guelph give up a fairly hefty sum for an overage player in two second round draft picks and a fifth. But at the same time, this is more than a half season rental for the Storm. They’re getting a full season out of Commisso, and with a team that looks to be able to contend with the best in the west, they’re looking to get a head start on the rest of the league. Both Kitchener and Guelph have each emerged as two teams willing to make moves to get better early, but the Storm have paid a greater price for Commisso than Kitchener did for Lipanov. Even so, most would say Commisso is a safer bet to succeed.

The Storm get a top six playmaking center who is going to put up serious numbers for them this season. Guelph now have real depth up the middle too with Commisso, Liam Hawel, Barrett Kirwin, Cedric Ralph, Mason Primeau, and Cam Hillis all playing center.

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